OICE is the trade association, a member of Confindustria, representing Italian engineering, architecture and technical-economicconsultancy’s organizations. Formed in 1965 OICE now includes all of the best qualified small,medium and large sizedengineer’s companies.

Freedom of association, non-partisan and non-profit, OICE brings together members in a spirit of collegiality and mutual cooperation, representing them in order to enhance their value.It contributes to the promotion and protection of rights and interests of the legitimate category.

Italian engineering , architecture and technical- economic consultancy ( or similar EU organizations that carry out significant activities in Italian territory ) can be part of OICE , however constituted and provided with autonomous operational capacity; adequate financial resources ; intellectual skills and techniques appropriate to carry out performance and professional services for external customers, independently and in economic conditions recognized as a profitable market.

OICE’s membership involves the following commitments for all the members:

follow the current rules of professional conduct and to those statutory and special expressed

from the Association and Code of Conduct

provide services to economic conditions based on real costs

direct costs , but also an appropriate proportion of overheads and profits ;

to provide contribution of ideas, energy and skills essential to the life of the Association ;

declare their sectoral specializations and services provided, with the self-certification .

Within Confindustria, OICE adheres to Confindustria’s Innovative and Technological Services, divided into 44 industry associations and 62 regional sections bringing together associations representing firms in the sectors in a single federated organization: Satellite Applications, Communication and Marketing , Consulting , Digital content , e-Media , Education , Engineering , Internet , Television and Radio Division , Research & surveys , technological and professional Services , Information Technologies and Telecommunications .

OICE is also a founding member of EFCA , European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations , in Brussels , which internationally represents the engineering sector, by bringing together 27 national associations.

The F.A.C.E. SRL is a member of OICE .